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Product care

Porcelain is the strongest of all ceramics and the only one white and translucent. It is made mainly of kaolin (which makes it white), feldspath (makes it strong and resistant to high temperature) and quartz (makes is translucent).

So don't be afraid to use them everyday, the porcelain products are strong and made to be used and washed in your dishwasher on an everyday basis. Even wine or lipstick stains come off. 
The ceramic material comes from Germany and my wholesaler is Belgian.



All pieces are hand cast and hand sanded by myself in the studio in Brussels. I take very good care of the production, giving you only the best pieces. 

Recycling and not leaving a drop to waste is also important for me. All seconds (pieces with imperfections but still pretty) are sold within the studio at a lower price. Scraps of the raw porcelain production is recycled by adding pigments to make beautiful coloured porcelain.

Each project is thoroughly imagined and designed, with its own made to measure packaging.